Todorovden in Momchilovtsi

24 February 2018 Momchilovtsi

How do you feel about the folk customs? Do you want to dress up in a traditional costume and be a part of an exiting holiday that invites spring to come? Brave horsemen, horse races , bulgarian customs, dressed up children and adults. This is going to be a little bit of your experience if you visit Momchilovtsi on Todorovden.

P.S. Mayche, thank you for the pictures from last year. I expect to see you again this year!

If the sky didn’t love wine, there wouldn’t be a star for wine in the heavens. If the Earth didn’t love wine, there wouldn’t be a wine source on earth. If the sky and Earth love wine, is it shameful to drink wine beneath the sky?

29 October 2017 Vila Alba

Villa Alba, Boutique winery “TODOROFF” and Observatory “Rojen” are organizing a wonderful event. The scenario is quite attractive: wine tasting of selected red wines, homemade delicious threats....and stories about the mystical, starry sky. Guests are going to be our friends and partners. To be continued.... !

Дойде ми като силно желание да Ви направя съпричастни на една интересна среща…между лазурното море и вековната планина.

05.08 August 2017 Vila Alba

В " Светът на подводното мълчание " ще имаме и личен гид - фотографите... Пламена Милева и Юлиян Недев. Ще бъдем свидетели на нещо много специално, места и гледки за които няма туристическа виза или билет за участие Заповядайте приятели! Виното ще е студено, храната -морска, а фотофрафиите.....оооо...те са като живи.

Put on the Bulgarian traditional clothes and come over for Todorovden in Momchilovtsi.

04 March 2017 Momchilovtsi

In Momchilovtsi this event takes place every year on the 4th of march. A show that tells a little of Bulgarian history and invites spring to come. Hundreds of people , dressed in Bulgarian national clothing, dance  the traditional ring dance (in Bulgarian  “хоро” -   “horo”) , there are horseback riders and the traditional horse races. This tradition is kept over 20 years. I’m exited that this year I’m going to be a part of the experience. You’re welcome to come!!! 😊